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Mortar Ridge Maintenance

Over time mortar on roof ridges can be effected by the weather.  Wind, rain, snow and frost can all be detrimental to the condition of the pointing on the ridge.  These weather conditions can cause the mortar to crack and then fall out, allowing water to penetrate the roof void.  If the mortar is in a very poor condition, the ridge sections can come away from the roof, particularly in high winds.  Bingley Roofing Contractors Ltd can provide a free survey to check the condition of the ridge and establish if maintenance works is required.  We can patch point areas of ridge where small amounts of mortar has fallen out, or remove the old mortar and then re-point the ridges if required. On occasion it is beneficial to lift the ridges from the roof, clean off and dispose of the old mortar and to then bond, re-bed and re-point the ridge back into position.  All our work is guaranteed for two years.



Fibreglass Flat Roofing

A Fibreglass is a modern alternative for flat roofs, that carries a 25 year guarantee.
Our roofers are trained and accredited by Topseal (the product manufacturer), which is the only way to be able to provide this system of roofing.

A fibreglass system is specially formulated for roofing purposes and is only available to accredited companies such as Bingley Roofing Contractors Ltd.
A 25 year guarantee gives you complete piece of mind, compared to the older method of felt with bitumen which carries a 2 year guarantee. Fibreglass roofs are maintenance free and so durable that you can create patios verandas, etc. and walk on them without effecting the guarantee.

The benefits of choosing this fibreglass product:-
It has a very long life – covered by a 25 year guarantee
Maintenance Free
Has proven performance in demanding conditions
Easy to seal around complex shapes and roof fittings
Superb appearance with a choice of colours available
High Security – cannot be cut with a knife
Can be used for walkways, patios, roof gardens and gutters
Easy to repair in the unlikely event of damage
Will withstand foot traffic and can be installed to withstand heavy foot traffic if required
Fire Retardant to Class O if required
Non slip if required